STORY: Andrew’s Deep Thoughts

Andrew sees Betsey Horton writing a story about Duke and gets jealous. He wants his own story about his really deep thoughts, because let me tell you, he has plenty of them, you guys. Here's a list of ten of Andrew's deepest, most secret thoughts. Yeah, I'm The Star. Did... Read More

SCRIPT: Tom vs Andrew

Betsey is sitting out on her front stoop writing in her notebook. Luckily, right at that moment, Tom de la Salle appears out of nowhere. He hands her a pounder of Miller High Life and sits down next to her. Tom: How are you Betsey? Betsey: I'm just dandy. Dreaming... Read More

SCRIPT: You’re Fired!

INT. BLOODY MARY'S BAR - DAY DUKE is sitting at the bar when ANDREW approaches him. ANDREW: We need to talk. DUKE: What is it, Boss? ANDREW: It's about your Employee Performance Review. DUKE: What? ANDREW: Yeah. DUKE: Why do I need a review? I've been here for years! ANDREW:... Read More