STORY: The Rat-Rat

Meanwhile, at Bloody Mary's Bar, Andrew is very angry that his little "project" hasn't gone according to plan. As he cannot possibly have Betsey Horton arrested for writing in her notebook, he decides to have her followed. He wants to find out her deepest, darkest secret so he can use... Read More

BLOG: Bloody Mary’s Bar Inspiration

So I walked into Bloody Mary's Bar looking for some inspiration, right? I sat there for awhile, drinking and chatting and eavesdropping on various conversations, and this is what happened: First, no one else was there but me and Jester. There's been three other occasions when I've come in and... Read More

BLOG: Haters Gonna Hate!!!

Dear Andrew, I am writing this public letter to you now because I know you are a reasonable person who understands exactly where I'm coming from. That's why I feel the need to write an exact transcript of what just happened to me right now. Here goes: Betsey walks over... Read More

BLOG: Questions From The Audience

Good morning, Vermtown! Welcome to another exciting edition of "Betsey writes down her thoughts and posts them on the internet for all the world to see." Let's take some questions from the audience, Dave! 1. You know that people are reading your website, right? Oh yes. Yes I do. In... Read More

STORY: The Man Who Took Himself Way Too Seriously

One evening, I was sitting atop my perch at Bloody Mary's, writing in my notebook. The music on the radio was a cool, groovy, jazzy hip hop I vaguely recognized but couldn't quite place. I decided to ask a bartender for more information about the current musical selection. Unfortunately, they... Read More