STORY: The Villain

Meanwhile, at Bloody Mary's Bar... Andrew is sitting on his throne staring at the story on the iPad in front of him. All of his little minions at Bloody Mary's Bar are standing behind him, shuffling their feet in silence and looking at each other nervously. Andrew's expression grows more... Read More

STORY: Andrew Meets The Silver Fox

Betsey Horton, Writer Extraordinaire is sitting on the bench outside of Bloody Mary's Bar writing in her notebook. Everyone sees her and totally freaks out! She is a troublemaker, a lawbreaker, a homewrecker, and a certifiably crazy bitch. How dare she sit in public places and write! How dare she... Read More

SCRIPT: Future Politicians

"I want a sneak preview!" exclaims Andrew as he comes bursting through the door. "I know you have some of the story! I want to see it right now!" "UGH!" I respond, throwing my hands in the air. "It's nowhere near finished yet. I've only written two scenes." "I wanna... Read More

SCRIPT: Meanwhile, at Bloody Mary’s Bar…

All the Haters gather around a table to discuss Betsey. Duke: We have to get rid of Betsey Horton! She's causing problems in my life. Old Melissa: Those problems you speak of have nothing to do with her. That shit is ALL you, honey. You're the one who lived your... Read More

SCRIPT: The Island of Lost Guys

On today's episode of Island Hunters... BETSEY: Hi! My name is Betsey! I'm a Writer Extraordinaire from Washington D.C. I'm looking to purchase an island in Belize where all of my Lost Guys can live. REAL ESTATE AGENT: What are you looking for in an Island Paradise? BETSEY: When I... Read More

STORY: The Pick-Up Line

One not-so-special day, I was feeling depressed. I decided to get dressed up and go to Bloody Mary’s to make myself feel better. I donned my newly-thrifted Little Black Dress and my sexiest pair of strappy patent leather stilettos. I fixed my hair and did my make-up. As I got... Read More