SCRIPT: Mind Your Business

Betsey is sitting on the bench outside of Bloody Mary's writing in her notebook. Suddenly, Howard Hughes walks out the door. Howard is the member of the Line of Death with an amazing laugh. He stops and looks at Betsey suspiciously. Betsey: Hello. Howard: Hello. Betsey smiles awkwardly as Howard... Read More

SCRIPT: Marketing Bloody Mary’s Bar

Betsey goes on an exciting trip to visit Los Angeles. There, she encounters a random stranger at a taco bar on Hollywood Boulevard. Stranger: So, what do you do for a living? Betsey: I'm The Writer Extraordinaire. Stranger: Writer Extraordinaire, huh? What do you write about? Betsey: Well, believe it... Read More

STORY: Place Your Bets

One not so special afternoon, Sam and The Line of Death are all huddled around the end of the bar pouring over pages of stats. Betsey is sitting on the opposite side of the bar watching them with mild interest. In spite of her better judgment, her curiosity ultimately gets... Read More

STORY: The Troublemaker

Meanwhile, at Bloody Mary's Bar, somebody has noticed that lately, something about the bar seems a little off. She decides to confront Andrew about it after she has finished work for the day. "I haven't seen your little Writer Extraordinaire around lately," she says. "Where did she go? Don't tell... Read More

SCRIPT: The Prank Call

Disclaimer: The following script is based on true events that literally took place less than an hour ago. Betsey goes out looking for Mad Dog and discovers he is sitting inside Bloody Mary's Bar. After walking around the building several times trying to figure out a solution to her problem,... Read More

Meanwhile, at Bloody Mary’s Bar…

A little birdie has come in and informed the Line of Death that Betsey Horton, Writer Extraordinaire, has broken the rules once again and written about them on her website. Andrew pulls it up on his phone, reads it aloud in dismay, and looks out over his audience with a... Read More

SCRIPT: You’re Fired!

INT. BLOODY MARY'S BAR - DAY DUKE is sitting at the bar when ANDREW approaches him. ANDREW: We need to talk. DUKE: What is it, Boss? ANDREW: It's about your Employee Performance Review. DUKE: What? ANDREW: Yeah. DUKE: Why do I need a review? I've been here for years! ANDREW:... Read More

SCRIPT: The Untimely Death of Betsey Horton, Writer Extraordinaire

Betsey is sitting at the bar with Mad Dog when they get into an argument. Betsey is annoyed so she gets up and decides to move over to the opposite end of the bar where The Line of Death usually sits. Betsey: Oh, woe is me! I really am an... Read More