SCRIPT: High School Reunion

Betsey has recently been invited to the ten-year-reunion at her public high school. In spite of the fact that she switched to private school halfway though, she still grew up with all of these people and wanted to see them again. Unfortunately, the scheduled date is inconvenient for anyone whose... Read More

STORY: Andrew Meets The Silver Fox

Betsey Horton, Writer Extraordinaire is sitting on the bench outside of Bloody Mary's Bar writing in her notebook. Everyone sees her and totally freaks out! She is a troublemaker, a lawbreaker, a homewrecker, and a certifiably crazy bitch. How dare she sit in public places and write! How dare she... Read More

STORY: The House of Ill-Repute

Somewhere in the remote desert of Nevada, I passed a sign for the infamous Moonlite Bunny Ranch. I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon the world-famous brothel. In fact, I had already encountered it twice before on my journey. First, as the subject of a documentary I watched in my... Read More

STORY: Tom and Duke

I still remember the first time I met Tom. It was the third day I lived in South Dakota and the day after his birthday. He was working in The Old Coffee Shop. I was wearing a new dress with designer heels. He was wearing a nice black shirt and... Read More

STORY: The Haunted Highway

ROSEBUD, SOUTH DAKOTA -- Sometime after midnight, I passed over into the Rosebud Reservation. The Pow Wow music had long since faded into static and the stars the only source of light on the road. Highway 18 spans the southern length of South Dakota and passes through three Indian reservations.... Read More

STORY: Jancita Eagle Deer

The sun was just beginning to set as I rolled into the reservation. I stopped at the gas station to refill my tank, taking a moment to study my surroundings. Traffic whizzed through the intersection. A family of four piled into an old station wagon with Pow Wow gear stashed... Read More