BLOG: I Need This Blog

So I quit writing this blog, right? Well, it turns out I need to do it every day or else I turn into a lazy, depressed couch potato with nowhere to put my extra thoughts. Therefore, they just float around in my brain taking up space so I can't get... Read More

The Statue: A Protest Story

PIERRE, SOUTH DAKOTA - JUNE 2020 In the middle of the night, an Anonymous Protestor dressed all in black approaches the Statue of Former South Dakota Governor Bill Janklow. She takes the stance of an old Western cowboy and whips out a pair of spray paint cans from her holster.... Read More

BLOG: Editing Discoveries

Since you all are so invested in my writing journey (thank you, thank you, you are far too), I thought I'd share some of the delightful discoveries I've made about my novel since printing out a hard copy directly from this website. 1. My name in the story is definitely... Read More

SCRIPT: High School Reunion

Betsey has recently been invited to the ten-year-reunion at her public high school. In spite of the fact that she switched to private school halfway though, she still grew up with all of these people and wanted to see them again. Unfortunately, the scheduled date is inconvenient for anyone whose... Read More

STORY: Andrew Meets The Silver Fox

Betsey Horton, Writer Extraordinaire is sitting on the bench outside of Bloody Mary's Bar writing in her notebook. Everyone sees her and totally freaks out! She is a troublemaker, a lawbreaker, a homewrecker, and a certifiably crazy bitch. How dare she sit in public places and write! How dare she... Read More