STORY: The Big Bamboozle

"What are you doing?" Andrew asks, peering over my shoulder to examine my notebook. I roll my eyes at him and cover up the page so he can't see. "I'm trying to separate your characters," I explain. "I need you to be two completely people." "But I can't," he says... Read More

SCRIPT: The Dancing Monkey

Betsey goes to The University. It is set up like an obstacle course for training monkeys. All the other students jump through the hoops at competitive rates. Meanwhile, Betsey is watching them from the top of the bleachers, studying the obstacle course from a distance. When it's her turn to... Read More

SCRIPT: Officer Andrew

My character Andrew is out of control. I literally can't even with him right now. I clearly had no idea what I was signing up for when I decided to capture Sam's essence on the page. I demand a refund! It happened like this: BETSEY: [wakes up feeling like she... Read More