BLOG: Extreme Couponing, Hoarding, and The Kardashians

Extreme Couponing, Hoarding, and The Kardashians I’ve just inadvertently discovered the practice of “Extreme Couponing” is partially responsible for grocery/supply hoarding thanks to a forgotten episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York. S2E5: Kourtney discovers the world of Extreme Couponing online, leading her to obsessively clip and curate coupons... Read More

BLOG: Inspired by Cleo’s

Currently sitting at Cleo's watching the Lakers get killed by Denver. I still like Lebron James and continue to watch him play, in spite of the fact that he left Cleveland again. At this point I've grown to become a kind and forgiving individual, so I can still celebrate his... Read More

BLOG: The Bookshelf Challenge

If it's possible to hoard books, I am definitely guilty of it. I've been carting my personal library around with me for so many years now that I have no excuse not to have read everything on my shelf. Unfortunately, I have yet to accomplish this task. I recently considered... Read More

STORY: The House of Ill-Repute

Somewhere in the remote desert of Nevada, I passed a sign for the infamous Moonlite Bunny Ranch. I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon the world-famous brothel. In fact, I had already encountered it twice before on my journey. First, as the subject of a documentary I watched in my... Read More