SPOTTED: BH Reworking Her Novel

Aaaaaaaaaaatttttt laaaaaaaaaaast! My novel has developed! Something, something, something I have no idea how I’m going to write a musical when I can’t write a song for the life of me. Not that I’ve ever really tried. Collaboration will obviously be necessary for this project. Note to self made. Yesterday... Read More

Spotted: BH Writing in the Cafe

Currently sitting at the Cafe. It feels good to say that again. Nothing inspires me to write like sitting at the Cafe. It's probably the combination of my coffee order perfected over many years and the Parisian-themed decor. I love to listen to the hustle and bustle of the restaurant... Read More

STORY: Mad Dog’s House

Fast forward three weeks into the future... Betsey is back in Vermillion safe from all harm. Her trip to Montana did not work out as planned. Nobody asks her any questions because they already know exactly what happened. They just serve her a drink with smiles on their faces and... Read More

SCRIPT: Mind Your Business

Betsey is sitting on the bench outside of Bloody Mary's writing in her notebook. Suddenly, Howard Hughes walks out the door. Howard is the member of the Line of Death with an amazing laugh. He stops and looks at Betsey suspiciously. Betsey: Hello. Howard: Hello. Betsey smiles awkwardly as Howard... Read More

STORY: Andrew’s Friends

I am sitting on the bench outside Bloody Mary's when Andrew comes outside to see me. "Hey," he says, offering me his hand. "We're going to Cleo's." "Ugh. Why are we going to Cleo's?" "Because I want you to meet my friends." I raise my eyebrow. "You want me to... Read More