STORY: The Flower Crown

“Where’s my story?!” Andrew demands, storming into my apartment angrily. He finds me sitting by the window looking up medicinal uses for the freshly-picked bundles of herbs drying out in the sun.

“I’m working on it,” I say. “I have about half of it done. It’s taking some time since I have to write you and Merrick in the same scene. You both have very strong personalities.”

Andrew stomps his foot impatiently and folds his arms.

“But I want my story,” he pouts. “I want my story right now!”

“Patience, darling,” I say sweetly, getting up from my seat. I walk over to him and hold up a crown made out of wild hemp leaves. “Look. I made you a little flower crown to entertain you while you wait.”

Andrew looks down at the hemp leaves in my hands and smiles in spite of himself. He takes his baseball hat off his head and puts the crown on instead. He looks in the mirror and chuckles at his reflection.

“How do I look?” he asks.

“Just like a real Emperor,” I say knowingly. “Your political career is sure to take off any day now.”

“All right,” Andrew says, his voice softening. “I suppose I can wait just a little bit longer for my story.”

“Great!” I say excitedly, opening the door. “I’ll let you know when it’s finished.”


“Okay, Andrew, time to go back to the bar now! Thank you and have a nice day! Bye Felicia!” I push him out the door and slam it in his face before he can argue with me. I lock the door behind me and go back to making homemade aloevera gel for my hair.

The End

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