The Statue: A Protest Story


In the middle of the night, an Anonymous Protestor dressed all in black approaches the Statue of Former South Dakota Governor Bill Janklow. She takes the stance of an old Western cowboy and whips out a pair of spray paint cans from her holster. Twangy old Western music starts playing in the background.


THE STATUE does not move or speak.

ANONYMOUS: That all you got? And here I thought you called yourself “Wild Bill.” HA! As if scum the likes of you could ever touch that name!

THE STATUE does not respond.

ANONYMOUS: Any last words, partner?

THE STATUE remains silent.

ANONYMOUS: That’s what I thought.

The Anonymous Protestor promptly begins to deface The Statue. She spray paints a giant X over his crotch and blacks out his face. On the ground around the statue, she writes the following phrases: “RAPIST PIG,” “MURDERER,” “JUSTICE FOR JANCITA EAGLE DEER,” and “JUSTICE FOR MISSING AND MURDERED INDIGENOUS WOMEN.”

The next morning, the residents of the Capital are stunned. The news cameras are all over it. A small group of protestors gathers around the statue. By midday, the crowd has grown to hundreds and the protestors take over the street. The singing and chanting grows louder and louder.

By nightfall, thousands have gathered around The Statue. The world watches live as the protestors behead the Statue, knock it to the ground, and throw it into a nearby lake. The crowd cheers and chants for justice as they slowly begin their march from the Capitol to the Governor’s Mansion.

The Governor hides in her mansion, condemning the protestors live on Fox News from her custom-built home TV studio. Soon enough, the protestors begin to gather outside of the gates. The crowd continues to grow as the days go on. Defeated and alone, she hides away in her little bunker just like the cowardly scum she is…

The End

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