STORY: Pheasant for Dinner

When I arrived at Bloody Mary's late in the afternoon, Andrew was already waiting there for me with a surprise. "A surprise?" I asked. "For me? That's so sweet! You really shouldn't have." "It was nothing," said Andrew with a dazzling smile. "It's waiting for you out on the back... Read More

SCRIPT: Officer Andrew

My character Andrew is out of control. I literally can't even with him right now. I clearly had no idea what I was signing up for when I decided to capture Sam's essence on the page. I demand a refund! It happened like this: BETSEY: [wakes up feeling like she... Read More

BLOG: Interview with a College Student

Today I felt very nostalgic about my college years. From the parties to the kegs to the bars, I was in the mood to relive my glory days at the University of South Dakota. Naturally, I decided to conduct an interview with myself as a 22-year-old student. Here are the... Read More

STORY: The Pick-Up Line

One not-so-special day, I was feeling depressed. I decided to get dressed up and go to Bloody Mary’s to make myself feel better. I donned my newly-thrifted Little Black Dress and my sexiest pair of strappy patent leather stilettos. I fixed my hair and did my make-up. As I got... Read More

STORY: The Stranger Across the Bar

It was just another ordinary Saturday Night at Bloody Mary's Bar. I looked around the room to survey the current selection of men. I wasn't expecting anything Big. Suddenly, my eyes landed on a handsome young man sitting on the opposite side of the bar. He was tall with dirty... Read More