STORY: Place Your Bets

One not so special afternoon, Sam and The Line of Death are all huddled around the end of the bar pouring over pages of stats. Betsey is sitting on the opposite side of the bar watching them with mild interest. In spite of her better judgment, her curiosity ultimately gets... Read More

SCRIPT: High School Reunion

Betsey has recently been invited to the ten-year-reunion at her public high school. In spite of the fact that she switched to private school halfway though, she still grew up with all of these people and wanted to see them again. Unfortunately, the scheduled date is inconvenient for anyone whose... Read More

SCRIPT: Commercial Break

Everyone is sitting at Bloody Mary's Bar minding their own business, except for Betsey. Suddenly, she looks up from her notebook and right into the camera at the audience. Betsey: We interrupt this episode of Betsey at the Bar to bring you a special message from our sponsors. The scene changes... Read More

SCRIPT: Strangers at the Bar

I am sitting at the bar alone when suddenly a "Stranger" approaches me out of nowhere. The "Stranger": Hey there, sexy. How you doin'? Me: That's your line? The "Stranger": You told me you didn't like lines. Me: I don't. It's just that I thought you'd come up with something... Read More