STORY: Andrew Meets Merrick, Part 1

Frustrated by his inability to dig up anything of further interest on Betsey Horton, Writer Extraordinaire, Andrew finds himself rapidly falling down a black hole of obsession. He decides to do something a little bit crazy: he hires a private investigator in Washington, D.C. to track down the real story.... Read More

SCRIPT: Future Politicians

"I want a sneak preview!" exclaims Andrew as he comes bursting through the door. "I know you have some of the story! I want to see it right now!" "UGH!" I respond, throwing my hands in the air. "It's nowhere near finished yet. I've only written two scenes." "I wanna... Read More

SCRIPT: The Island of Lost Guys

On today's episode of Island Hunters... BETSEY: Hi! My name is Betsey! I'm a Writer Extraordinaire from Washington D.C. I'm looking to purchase an island in Belize where all of my Lost Guys can live. REAL ESTATE AGENT: What are you looking for in an Island Paradise? BETSEY: When I... Read More