Bloody Mary’s

Bloody Mary’s is my favourite bar in the small town where I currently reside. I love it because of all the different characters who frequent the bar, the crazy history of the various, ridiculous owners, and the fact that it inspired me to write literal books about it.

UPDATE: All of the stories are now back online and available to read for free! These stories don’t necessarily have an order or a point. They are mainly for me to practice character development, dialogue, and scriptwriting. Really, I just wrote them for fun! I personally can’t figure out why these people are so upset about it, and frankly, I don’t really care. If you heard what they said about me, you’d wonder why I wasn’t meaner!

Here is the complete collection of Bloody Mary’s stories and scripts!

Here is the complete guide to Who’s Who at Bloody Mary’s Bar!

Here are my personal favourites from my vast collection:

The Legend of Chico
Betsey investigates the truth behind the mysterious former owner, “Chico,” who was allegedly found dead in a canyon half-eaten by wolves.

Mad Dog’s Associations
Mad Dog, a local figure of historical importance, is questioned by the current owner, Sam, about his associations with various unsavory characters, including Betsey Horton, Writer Extraordinaire.

The Owl
Betsey speculates that Bloody Mary’s most famous bartender might not actually be human after all.

Betsey re-imagines the epically badass life of the bar’s only female owner as a Hollywood Blockbuster action film.

Place Your Bets
Betsey discovers Sam and the Line of Death (a group of crotchety old men who think they own the place) betting on a baseball game and decides to buy her way in.

Commercial Break
Betsey imagines the bartenders as commercial spokesmen for their favourite beers.

Overheard at Bloody Mary’s Bar
A compilation of real quotes I overheard at the bar IRL.