BLOG: Woe Is Me, Writer’s Block Kills Me

Writer’s Block.

A terrible time indeed.

Have I written anything? No. Have I studied for the GRE? Also no. Do I have time to retake it? As a matter of fact, I do. Do I even need it for New Orleans? No. Will it help me if I apply to the other schools on my list. Yes.

What am I doing with my life? Just working all the time. At least, I will be now that I am employed again. It is not the situation I was hoping for, but I can deal with it. My only concern at this point is money, which I require for pretty much everything in life, as does everyone else.

Writing. Writing. Writing.

What is writing?

Will I ever write again? Maybe.

Do I spend the majority of my time mindlessly scrolling through Instagram? Yes.

Perhaps I should write a series about a fluffy white cat that becomes an Instagram Influencer and travels the world with his human. Maybe that is too close to life. I’ll just change it up a little and make it a fluffy black cat, or perhaps even a fluffy orange cat. See what I did there?

What will I decide? We’ll find out later. This is assuming I will write again, of course. I’m not doing that. I’m looking at pictures of fabulous travel destinations and mermaid sequin dresses on Instagram.

I am not writing anything at all. Except for maybe to complain about the lack of parking in my neighborhood, which has been an ongoing complaint of mine for several years now. I say we take over Logjammers and turn it into a private parking garage for neighborhood residents only. Just a helpful suggestion worded in a more constructive manner.

What am I doing with my life? Not writing, that’s what. Le sigh, will this torment ever end? I cannot live without expressing my creative energy… I suppose there are other ways in the meantime. Other ways… such as painting, perhaps? 🙂 🙂 🙂 Reading, always reading. Organizing. Applications.

Hey, don’t I have some sort of “Book” I’m supposed to be working on? Yes… and I’m not just talking about my novel… I am supposed to be putting together my modeling book. Yes, I am in fact a paid, professional model, in case you did not know this. I used to do it for fun, but now I am more serious about it. Why shouldn’t I take advantage of the fact that I look so much younger than I am? Nobody needs to know my real age! There will be so many more opportunities when I move away. I want to be prepared.

Yeah, I’ll work on that. For now I’ve discovered this hot South African guy’s “Modeling Lifestyle” YouTube channel. He’s teaching a Master Class in modeling. I’m there, and not only because his accent is sexy! Yes, this is all a real thing. Thank you, Internet!

This page is frustrating to me. Alas.


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