BLOG: Transformation Tuesday

Wow, what a productive set of days so far! All of this in spite of unknown things happening outside of my house, more depressing, cloudy weather, and a drinking relapse on Saturday night. You better believe I paid for that all day Sunday! Yeah, turns out getting old sucks!

Yesterday I watched two literary movies in French (The Pagemaster and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) and two musicals revolving around Latin Ballroom Dance (Strictly Ballroom and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights). The second set gave me the inspiration to get up and dance!

Thank you, Patrick Swayze, for making a brief-but-significant enough cameo in the latter. Your words of encouragement for beginning dancers echo on years after your death!

So that was an exciting afternoon. Today was much more productive on the writing front. I spent the morning re-organizing my notes from the Paris Writing Workshop and reflecting on my experiences. There are a few things I wish had been different, but overall the experience was great. Looking at my notes really makes me feel like I’m gradually working toward earning my title of “Writer Extraordinaire.”

I filled in some of the sections with notes from other notebooks I’d taken on different writing genres (fiction, romance, structure, screenwriting). These are notes I’ve collected over the last 4-5 years from various books and articles on the subjects. Now I basically have a handy-dandy how-to guide to write in all genres! Pretty neat, right? I think so too.

Once I completed this “re-binding” project, I prepared a notebook for my online journalism courses. Turns out I’ve assembled about 10 pages worth of like, 300+ article ideas over the years! Damn, son! Even I was impressed when I finally realized where those pages fit in to my writing! I suddenly felt like the evil villain mastermind who was behind it all along. I’m like Ozymandias from Watchmen. I did it thirty-five minutes ago! Mwahahahahaha!

Anyway, that alone inspired me to knocked out half of the first course this afternoon. It feels good to be productive! The course itself is interesting. It has some flaws but it’s a very good refresher in terms of newswriting basics and media law. I’ve never been the best journalist, lol. I like to change things and insert my opinion everywhere. That’s why I’m taking the course. So I can learn to do better!

The other two courses are a quite lengthy travel journalism course and a very short “Crafting the Perfect a Pitch” course. I seem to be procrastinating way more on the “practical stuff” so I thought maybe I should just go ahead and do the writing classes first. Hopefully I’ll get enough of a momentum going that I’ll be inspired to just knock them all out! Then, bam, before you know it, I’ll be done! Then my resume will be lit AF and someone will hire me!

Woo, can’t wait to be productive as hell during the second wave! Not sure when my rent is gonna come from since I was denied unemployment, but oh well! It will just magically fall out of the sky like it always does! Obviously!

So, basically, it’s all good news over here. It looks like I have the makings of a solid writing career going. It feels so good to look over all of the work I’ve accomplished in the last five years. I definitely feel like less of a failure than I did a few days ago, that’s for certain! We’ll just go ahead and blame the Moon for that one…

Off to do something else now. Ta ta!

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