BLOG: Surprise Day

Just got off work. I almost made it into my apartment unnoticed, but then Mad Dog ran out of the bar and screamed my name. I told him I’d only be a few, so this will be short.

Work went better than I thought. I had the entire patio to myself for lunch. I made a solid $165 smackaroos, once again proving that I don’t actually suck at this job. I’ve just had way too many bad experiences. Luckily, this doesn’t seem to be like that… for now. As we know, things can and will suddenly, randomly change over night.

I got my first paycheck, so now I have a better idea of what that looks like. I still prefer cash-in-hand, but this is a summer job and I don’t feel like looking for another gig, so I’ll take it. I’ll have to be a little more aggressive about taking tables when I’m bartending, but I know I can handle it. Clearly the only problem I have is dealing with the people around me. Sigh. Hopefully things get better. I’m just trying to be as nice as possible in the meantime.

Management all say I’m doing great! That’s awesome to hear! I feel like all I ever hear from people is how terrible I am all the time, so a little bit of validation once in awhile feels good. Maybe I can be persuaded to keep the one day shift a week after all…

You see? Good vibes! Look how positive I am! I’d still rather stay home and write all day but I’m okay with hanging out on a patio making money. It’s not so bad. I just want to avoid The Drama at all times.

I suppose I will head down to the bar now. I don’t really feel like it, to be honest. I’d rather just chill in my apartment and order some takeout. I just spent the whole day hanging out with old men at a bar. I kinda want a break from them now, lol.

And we’re off!

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