BLOG: Somehow…

How was my day? Ugh. Frustrating but ultimately productive. I say frustrating because I was on a roll in the morning, took a lunch break, and literally sat back down at my desk right at the moment a set of text messages arrived to fuck up my day. I was pissed.

I dealt with my ~feelings~ accordingly and promptly returned to my previously planned task of organizing my coursework. I came up with a system based on level of need and time needed to complete. For example, the digital marketing course is 21 hours, but both legal classes combined are about 5. Like most tasks in life, I feel much more confident in my ability to complete them now that I have organized them using a colorful chart. You know what they say: work smarter, not harder.

Speaking of working smarter, I am so grateful I have an English degree. Now that I have officially sworn off restaurants and retail forever, I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of options I have. There are tons of intellectually-stimulating ways to pay the bills using my degree. Reading the ads on job boards is helpful. This is how I developed my list of useful skills. I then chose my course list based on strengthening that skillset.

I didn’t have this knowledge or confidence when I graduated late at age 24, but I certainly do now. The wide range of professional outfits to wear in my home office helps. The seven years of post-grad life experience are also a pretty big factor. I just keep reminding myself… confidence is key!

Office mission accomplished today! What else did I do today? I dealt with my feelings by rage-packing my winter clothes into a plastic storage bin and lying in bed for a 30-minute interval I specifically designated as “cry time.” Somehow I feel like I have reached a new level of Adulting by scheduling time to cry. The world is an overwhelming place right now. I literally cannot even with it. And yet there I was, wrapped up in my blankets, sobbing about the fact that I wasn’t going moosespotting on horseback.

The rage-packing came after the crying. I took some minor comfort in the knowledge that no matter what happens, I will have enough warm clothes to last me through the long, cold, lonely South Dakota winter. This is very important. Few things in life are as important as dressing correctly for every occasion. In South Dakota, having a down jacket and a pair of waterproof winter boots in an emergency could be a matter of life or death. Warm winter clothing is not a joke out here.

Oh, the things I do to distract myself from the many unpleasant realities of the world…

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