BLOG: Save the Vultures

Saturday afternoon. Today was quite productive. I spent the morning answering my correspondence. One of these emails contained feedback for a hometown friend about their articles. It was clear this person had found their niche. Their passion for the subject really shined through in their writing style. It got me thinking: What is my passion?

The problem is, I have so many interests. I’ve never been able to focus on one thing for too long. I seem to prefer a “general knowledge of things” over an “expertise.” This is why I jump around in my writing so much. I just can’t stay put.

Perhaps my mind was already primed to look for subjects I feel passionate about. Luckily, right at that moment, a wild reddit article appeared in front of me. The subject of the article was about certain species of African vultures dying off because of rampant poisoning. I suddenly became very impassioned about saving the vultures. They are nature’s recycling bins! They are an essential part of the ecosystem we cannot afford to lose! Where can I go to volunteer for a vulture conservation project in East Africa? Other conservation projects have been successful! We can save the vultures too!

I am totally serious right now. Wildlife conservation is something I have always felt very strongly about but never really explored. I regret this, but I did spend my 20’s in South Dakota. Their version of “wildlife conservation” is “Goin’ huntin’ n’ fishin’. No treehuggers allowed! Eat steak, wear furs, luv ur guns!” Not exactly my kind of crowd.

So now all I can think about is volunteering for wildlife conservation projects in East Africa. The problem is that they make privileged white American girls like me pay them several thousands of dollars for the opportunity. This is how they fund their non-profits so they can keep the projects going. I understand this and I’m totally fine with giving organizations like this money. The only problem is that I don’t have any money! I also don’t have health insurance to cover the vaccinations I need, which usually aren’t covered anyway because Freedom, or something. So, this path remains inaccessible to me for the time being. I will just have to figure out something else. Story of my life.

Meanwhile, in West Yellowstone, the local water supply has been contaminated. So if you’ve got that on your 2020 Apocalypse Bingo Card, congratulations! It is a terrible situation but I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw it. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that my trip to Yellowstone was never going to happen. Oh well. It’s better this way. I would just be stuck working at the bar.

Speaking of bars, Andrew is trying to get me to write his weird little Voodoo Doll story again. I admit that it’s funny but no!!!! No! I said no! Dammit! Contribute something positive or nothing! So there!

On that note, I am going to find something else to do not. Hopefully not drink. I’ll try to stave it off as long as possible by watching National Geographic documentaries.

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