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I took the GRE this morning. Enjoy watching my brain melt.

How did I do on it? I did okay. My math score was as exactly as low as I expected it to be, given a lifetime of similar results on a variety of standardized tests. Keep in mind, I did not study. However, I reflected on my knowledge of math for every day purposes and decided the only use I have for it is with my newfound obsession with controlling my own finances. This is when math comes in handy. Otherwise, I don’t have very much use for it. Do I know how to compare x to y? Only when I am thinking about my exes and asking myself, “Why, oh why, oh why?”

Knowing what I know now, I probably would not have stayed up all night partying on Saturday night. This was of course followed by a Bloody Mary/spicy chicken sandwich/curly fry combo, lounging around watching a Disney+ in French, then passing out for ten hours straight. Did I mention I worked a 12-hour double shift on Black Friday? Yes, I am quite tired. Should I take this test again (if the necessity comes around), I will do better to sit in the library with my study materials and make flash cards.

Given my results on the exam (writing score currently unknown), I’ve made a final application decision for this season. I will apply to the Masters program in New Orleans and the summer program in New York City. If I do not get into the Masters program, I will apply to a wider range of schools next year. At that point, I will retake the GRE. For now, I will let it pass as New Orleans does not require it for their application. The main focus is the quality of the writing samples, which are the most important.

Now that I have moved past the test-taking stage, I must change course to advance my applications. Obviously this requires writing letters to ask for recommendations and correspondence with people involved in the programs themselves. I have already done an interview with a Graduate School Advisor in New Orleans. Personally, I thought it went well. I learned more about the program from someone who actually went through it. We talked about how it had benefited his creative writing and how it led him to get a day job, which I secretly envied as a person who currently has three.

The other aspect is the writing samples. I need a full-length screenplay for New Orleans. I do not currently posses one. I will have to sit down and write it. Am I confident I can do this as a person who obsessively watches nine hours in a row of Netflix/Hallmark Channel Original RomComs and knows all the tropes of her favourite genre by heart? Hell yes I am. This is what I’ve dreamed of doing for so long.

Am I fully committed to the idea of cranking out a 90-120 page screenplay about a writer investigating a 100-year-old unsolved mystery at a haunted-but-fabulous Art Deco Hotel in Rapid City, South Dakota? Yes. Will this movie involve a Christmastime love story from the 1920’s?! Hell yes! I am 100% ready to sit down and write this.

When’s the deadline for New Orleans? February, of course. Right before I head down there for Mardi Gras! Yes, the answer to your question is that I am ready to sit on a balcony drinking wine out of a plastic cup while live-blogging the Super Krewe parades. Last year I watched the Facebook livestream from the New Orleans Advocate and I wished I was one of their reporters. It was so awesome to watch them sit on a balcony and collect throw while discussing the history of Mardi Gras and drinking strawberry daiquiris. I can already see myself there now!

Furthermore, there is the Dreaded Personal Statement. I call it dreaded because I am insecure about how I might stack up compared to my peers. I do my best not to focus on the competition but sometimes I think to myself, “Oh my god, I am a mess. I am nothing like the women my age who are married with kids and buying houses. This is insane. I am the messy lead in the romcom who can’t get her dating or professional life right, yet is somehow charming in an extremely awkward, uncoordinated way. Will I get into the MFA Program at the end of the movie? God I hope so. I need to call up my best friend and eat cheese fries in order to re-evaluate my existence on this planet.”

Somehow all of this will translate into a page and a half-long serious document explaining my future goals in life. Goals: I have them, and I’m pretty serious about accomplishing them.

That sounds like a good idea right now, actually. I’m getting takeout and watching more Disney+ in French. Did you know they dub over the songs too? So fun! Okay I’ve had enough of blogging, for now. Farewell.

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