BLOG: Rethinking The Island

Good morning, world! And oh, is it ever a good morning! Why is it a good morning? Because I finally figured out how to put all of my shitty ex-boyfriends to work so I can make money! Aaaaaaaaatttt laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast!

Thank you, FDS! AKA the “Charlotte York Dating Strategy” AKA the biggest threat to low-value losers everywhere. What’s Old is New again! This is literally the same concept from two decades ago repackaged in internetspeak. It was already successful once, thus will be again. Soon, the moneys will be mine! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

FDS out here saving lives in more than one way! No wonder so many men think it’s a “hate group.” LOL, yes, that’s right, this group of internet/video game/porn addicts whose dicks don’t work *actually* believe women are “inciting violence against men” by having higher standards! REALLY!!!!! This is a real thing I’ve seen on the internet. LOL, this is the real world I live in, ya’ll. PATHETIC! How dumb are these guys? Seriously. I mean, thank god their dicks don’t work. Thank god! No one should ever breed with guys like this. After spending way too much time on the misogynist cesspool known as reddit, I’m confident the overpopulation problem will start sorting itself out soon. Thank you, internet porn, for breaking dicks worldwide. Who knew you were the real solution to the overpopulation problem all along? You may not be the solution human beings need, but you are the solution we deserve. Ha ha ha.

Attention Broflakes Everywhere: This is literally the ghost of Charles Darwin in your ear whispering, “Evolve with the changes in your environment or get left behind. Your sub-species of human-troll hybrid is about to go extinct. Wake up!”

Watch, I’m about to be brigaded by hate mail, harassment, and death threats now. Oh no, a woman who has been used and abused repeatedly finally got her shit together and started demanding better treatment from her dating partners! Somebody call the police! Surely I am a *ThReAt* to all men everywhere on the planet. Just ask Bloody Mary’s! They will tell you how *DaNgErOuS* I am for writing in my notebook. I need to be “PuNiShEd” and “ExPeRiEnCe CoNsEqUeNcEs FoR mY AcTiOnS,” aka writing stories about them and changing their names.

LOLOL oh my god, it sounds so fucking ridiculous now that I’ve escaped that horrible little town in the middle of fucking nowhere. What a bunch of self-important douchebags. Seriously, no one even knows where South Dakota is. Get a life.

Hahahahaha, men are so dumb. I can’t wait to write this. It’s going to be hilarious. The best part is, I don’t even have to change that much about the characters! These people are REAL! Props to me for finding such a variety of scrotes to date. I really feel like I can play up their worst traits for laughs without fictionalizing that much about their personalities and habits. I’m so happy I finally found the audience I’ve been seeking for so many years.

So far I’ve figured out the main character’s “Journey” and the side characters. Now I have to figure out how I want to execute it. Should I keep the Island concept or go in a different direction? I really feel like there could be two ways I go with it. One is more of a dating show parody and the other is more like a romcom parody. Theoretically, I could write both, just because I can. I will do what I always do and outline both.

I feel like this is the project that requires my immediate attention, so I’m putting Andrew on the backburner again. I will literally look for any excuse I can find not to give him any attention. Unfortunately, he is still being his usual intrusive self, as we all saw with the leopard slug comments yesterday. There is nothing in this world he cannot make about himself and how Great he is. It is truly an impressive feat, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

It would be nice if I could just FOCUS on ONE PROJECT and get it done instead of jumping around constantly, but I’ve learned that a lot of writers have this tendency. I think I am just trying to get everything settled in my mind now that I am in a new environment. I figure I’m going through a process of re-evaluation and elimination right now. I have to figure out what I want to prioritize.

I do still want to re-do my blog eventually, but right now I would rather take a break from living a public life on the internet. I’ve been doing it for so long. The idea of cutting off my social media presence and not blogging while I focus on other projects is really appealing to my mental health right now. I think I could make a good Blog comeback later, but for now I just want to hide out where I am, stay the hell away from other human beings, and FINISH! ONE! SINGLE! PROJECT!

Personally, I’m just grateful the collection of shitty first drafts is starting to show a little shine. THE LAST FOUR YEARS WERE NOT WASTED AT ALL! Hallelujah! Praise the lord! I can move forward from here! I don’t have to start over with nothing! Hurray!

Okay, I’m off to get some more coffee and work on some things offline. Wish me luck!

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