BLOG: Outlining

Currently working on my romance novel outline. Let me just tell you how great it feels to look at a real, actual, workable plot with real, legitimate characters! At last! Only took me 25 years to get to this point!

I outlined the historical version first. Once I looked at it, my suspicion was confirmed that the time travel plot is extraneous. The best way to incorporate Bloody Mary’s is by using their personality traits for the characters they most resemble. I’ll have to sit down and look at my research notes again. I found similarities between the characters but obviously these were real historical figures so they have their own little unique quirks. I’m sure once I go through my notes and check my research, I’ll be able to write the characters closer to who they were. I am free to take some liberties though, since it’s historical fiction and all.

I can honestly say I’m really excited to write this story. These characters really spoke to me when I learned their story. Andrew is the one who inspired it, but I feel like I was always going to write a romance novel set in the ancient world. I am low-key obsessed with antiquity. I literally got a degree in Classical history because of it. Theoretically, I could write a whole series of romance novels set in that time period. Hello, monayyyyyyy!

Okay, I’m going to get back to working on this outline now. I just wanted to announce to everyone that I! Finally! Accomplished! Something! Yayyyyyy!!!!

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