Getting applications organized… so exciting. After looking over my various offers, I’ve decided on my top 3. I will apply for these programs this year and extend my list for next year, if necessary.

1. New Orleans – Obvious first choice. 3-year MFA in screenwriting with a variety of professional opportunities, community-based events and activities, and summer courses abroad.

2. New York City – I have two options here. The first is a 6-week intensive publishing workshop designed to make professional connections. The second is a 2-year MFA with a variety of practical writing classes geared towards providing professional opportunities. Both very prestigious schools with lots of significant connections.

3. Paris – 1-year Masters in Creative Writing with option for a semester in the UK. Good option to finish novel, learn French, and find work experience overseas. Another possibility is to enroll in a French language school and find an internship through them.

I think this list is fair. I was looking at internships, but the majority seem to be for students. Obviously gaining student status will provide me with more opportunities than being some rando who lives in the middle of nowhere.

I may have mentioned I’m dedicating the week to sending out the necessary emails, filling out applications, and working on my personal statements. I have 2/4 drafted, but they remain incomplete. I have thought over my portfolio more and more. My goal is to have all of my stuff done by the end of the week. Let’s see if we make it.

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