BLOG: Here I Am!

Sitting at the bar contemplating my ridiculous life, as per usual. It has been some time since I have written anything. The writer’s block is a great pain to my soul. I have tried a few things to jumpstart the process, such as:

1. Running away to the Black Hills for four days, where I stayed in two haunted hotels, a spa, and a historic casino. Do I have stories from the sky bar? You be your ass I do. I cannot believe I have lived in South Dakota for this long and I never discovered the magical mystical wonderland known colloquially as “Deadwood.” Amazing!

2. I participated in a short story contest, where I was given a prompt and locked in a room for three hours. The story I wrote was inspired by Deadwood, which I fell deeply in love with after wandering around the streets for approximately one hour. When I thought about it later, there were some minor changes I would make. However, I am pleased with what I submitted for the contest. Perhaps I will win myself a few pages in the local literary magazine? We can only hope so.

3. I located a temporary muse to distract me from Andrew so I never have to think about him. Sometimes it works. The rest of the time, he is just lying on the floor, crying his eyes out. Useless, I tell you. Absolutely useless.

4. I have been experimenting with new treatments for depression and anxiety. So far there have been fairly positive results. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

5. How is the job hunt going? Lol, let’s just say I have an inbox full of rejection letters and a very organized closet space. The good news is that I am applying for graduate school. I’ve received offers from a few MFA programs from really good schools. I might consider applying for them. Still, I have my heart set on New Orleans. I need to march in a Mardi Gras parade!

6. I am feeling better than I was when I came back from Paris. That was very hard for me. I’ve been feeling really down. However, I refuse to succumb to depression and continue to force myself out of the house to socialize. I’m also forcing myself to organize my apartment. I created an office space using my room divider and a curtain. The closet organization project is almost complete. Now I have to work on the living room, which is… sigh. I have four boxes of random stuff to go through from the move. I don’t even know what’s in them. It’s just like… why do I own so much shit? And why do I keep accruing material possessions when I make every effort to downsize and minimize? Ugh! Alas, the battle to Marie Kondo my space continues…

7. How is the drinking? Slightly better, but still continuing at a steady pace. For example, right now I am enjoying a glass of wine on a full stomach and plan to eat more in the future. Balance is key. Or is that just another excuse I make to justify my alcoholism? It matters not. Many writers before me were alcoholics and many more will continue to be. Such is the nature of the business.

8. Will I ever work on my novel ever again? Maybe. Eventually. Probably yes. It’s just difficult to work on here. You know. When it’s right there in front of my eyes every single day. It is no matter. I am making every effort to get out of here soon. Then it can all be a thing of the past and I can write about it properly again. In the meantime, many other projects abound. I’m still taking a break from my blog, just in case you haven’t noticed. That will probably continue for the duration of the near future.

Time to go now. I have business in reality I must return to immediately. Ah, nothing like life in a small town in the middle of nowhere, am I right? Ha ha, lol, why do I live here, hahaha.

Farewell, for now…

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