BLOG: Hangry

Do you ever force yourself to think positive things purely out of spite? That’s what I’m doing right now. I admit I’m hangry to the max. I’m waiting on some lunch plans that probably won’t happen because the other person is kind of a flake. I love them but they take forever to get ready for lunch.

Anyway. Hangry is real. It definitely explains why I’ve been so cranky today. I am now snacking on goldfish in order to get my blood sugar up. Also forcing myself to think positive thoughts. So many positive thoughts. I’m really excited to start my new job. I’ve been studying my menu and cocktails. I have no idea why I haven’t just made note cards yet. I’ll put that on my to-do list. Everything is much easier to memorize with note cards. I can just pull them out of my apron and review them at random.

Cocktails I’m restudying with pleasant recollections of how I learned certain ones. Wine I know, beer I know. Beer is definitely a little too fresh in my mind if you ask me, but you know, that is in the past now. We’ll always have bottles of French rosé in Paris. She asked me to come up with wines and we are 100% getting rosé. Specialty list of refreshing summer cocktails on an elaborately handwritten sign, here we come! It turns out I like making and serving drinks more than I actually like drinking. Who knew?

See? Look at me! I am so positive! I am excited for my job! Yay! It’s a new day! The goldfish definitely helped me feel better. Be aware of your blood sugar levels, ya’ll. It really takes the edge off to eat something. Lesson learned.

No Facebook so far today. The more I think about it, the more convinced I am the reason it repulses me is because it is owned and controlled by an evil reptilian space creature completely devoid of empathy and emotion. It’s just creepy. It’s like… I used to love it once upon a time when it was just a connection to my college friends. Now it’s like the evil lizard empire and all I want to do is just get away from it. But how? It’s a really difficult chain to break. I think most people agree. We’re all just waiting for a better option. Will it ever come along? We can only hope.

Still waiting on friend. They may or may not show. This is unfortunate. It’s rather selfish to leave someone sitting hungry like this. I need better friends. Sigh. To be fair, I haven’t seen this person in months. They texted me out of nowhere wanting to make plans and now they are clearly bailing on them. Again. This is why I stopped hanging out with them. Hmm, maybe I’ll just go get lunch by myself. Again.


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