It happened today. The novel finally started moving again.

Yes, it’s true. Even I can’t believe it.

It was a strange feeling to sit down and work with it again. I encountered no resistance from Andrew. None. He just… sat there and cooperated with me while I sat there organizing the pile of stories. He even offered helpful suggestions. Consider me shocked and surprised.

The most surprising thing for me is what I accomplished today. Many months ago (don’t ask me when), I compiled a list of “preview” stories to make into a page similar to the Bloody Mary’s/Travel Tales pages. While I was sitting there writing the summaries for the individual stories, I realized that I had somehow inadvertently chosen major beats in the plot. It was only by putting them together and trying to summarize them individually that I realized…

Holy shit. This isn’t just a bunch of random crap I need to force into submission. This is a romance novel with an actual plot, beats and all. I wrote this shit entirely by accident. This wasn’t even planned. It just… HAPPENED!

Here I’ve spent all this time trying to force the story into an outline when it never fit that outline in the first place. It made its own outline, somehow. How did this happen? I don’t know. But I’m definitely onto something here. It kind of feels like waking up from a bourbon-enduced coma only to pleasantly discover there was no need to knock myself in the first place.

Hopefully this trend continues. Off New Orleans we go!

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