BLOG: Fun Writing

Today is THURSDAY! Yes it is, lol. I know the days, I swear to god. Let’s be clear: 2020 is no one’s year. We’re all getting screwed together.

Who’s got aliens for July on their Apocalypse Bingo Card? I’ve definitely got aliens. I’m ready for them to show up and zap Donald Trump. I don’t even care if it’s all fake and they just paid a guy to put on an alien suit. I just know I wanna watch that shit happen live on TV on the 4th of July with a big fireworks display and Mt. Rushmore in the background.

My life is so weird. So many ups and downs. I keep waiting for everything to get bad again and it just… doesn’t. It’s weird. At this point, I am definitely torturing myself with my own anxiety.

I had a lot of downtime at work yesterday, but I used it to talk about beauty products with my co-workers. I did read a little bit of the HFN and jot down some notes. I finished the first bit, which is definitely getting summed up in four lines. It’s just not relevant.

I am starting to get into the main character now. Right now it’s just an brief glimpse that is giving me a good idea for the opening scene of the movie. I’ll definitely be combining a few chapters for it. The amount of exposition works for a novel but it’s totally unnecessary for the screen. I’m thinking montage of growth scenes showing various aspects of her character, a few formative experiences foreshadowing her life, and an adventure scene that leads right into the first romance. I can see it all in my head!

Writing this script is so much fun for me! I never get to have any fun when I’m writing. 🙁 It’s always so much angst and torture and drinking alone at the bar. It should be fun once in awhile too! What’s wrong with setting up a hammock on a beach and reading a historical romance novel while drinking a nice cool wine spritzer? Sounds like the perfect afternoon to me. I’m basically just writing the movie version of that feeling.

Off to go work on my courses now. I planned my writing time last night so I don’t want to be distracted with my blog for very long. Good news: my blog is averaging a steady 50 page views per day. That’s real people, not fake bot accounts. It’s definitely something! What it means remains to be seen. For now, I shall be writing.

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