Sitting in my room letting some ideas marinate. I’ve spent most of my quarantine catching up on the Female Dating Strategy subreddit. It is crazy how many women in the world have experienced the same issues I have in the dating world. I can’t even wrap my head around it. It’s so nice to finally find a place where I’m not constantly being told it’s my fault that these guys can’t step the fuck up. No, no, the reality is that “most men these days are struggling to be one step above banana slugs.” I don’t know who said that, but if I ever find out who its creator is, I will pay them so many royalties to let me use that phrase in my writing forever because L.M.F.A.O!!!!!!

“Struggling to be one step above banana slugs.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Truer words have never been spoken. If anyone knows this, it’s me. I never thought about it before, but yeah, most of my exes do in fact closely resemble banana slugs. Some of those banana slugs might even be better looking!

[Andrew suddenly comes barging into my brain out of nowhere]

Andrew: I just want you to know that I am very offended by being compared to a banana slug. I am NOT a banana slug. I am obviously a leopard slug because they are the biggest, slimiest, grossest slugs in the garden. So there. [promptly turns into a giant slug just because he can] Salt me! Salt me hard! Salt me till I wither up and dry out in the sun!

Me: [sighs heavily] Why are you like this?

Andrew: Because I’m bored and this is fun. Duh!

Me: [rolls eyes] ANYWAY….

After reading story after story after story after story just like mine, I pulled out The Island of Lost Guys manuscript and gave it the once over. There is FAR more potential in this project than I initially thought. I will have to make several major changes to both the characters and the general concept, but I’m starting to get a clearer picture of what this could be and how many women can actually relate to it. Its initial purpose was to compartmentalize all of my terrible, negative, abusive dating experiences so I could move on my life. Now I see it could be so much more. So, so, so much more. You know what they say! If men insist on wasting your time, energy, youth, beauty, and mental health, the only thing left to do is turn those experiences into CA$$$H MONAYYYYY, BABY!!!!

And here I thought I’d hit a wall on the four projects I’ve been working on since 2016. WRONG! I haven’t hit a wall!!!! I just didn’t know what direction to go in with my collection of shitty first drafts. The last few days I’ve come up with quite a few ideas for both the Island and Bloody Mary’s. I know EXACTLY what I want Bloody Mary’s to become. I just have to let that one sit and marinate for a little bit longer. Right now I’m dedicating my time to reading FDS and figuring out how to give the Island the kind of mass market makeover High Value Women everywhere will gather around the TV to watch on Girls Night Out. Break out the wine, ladies. You’re about to laugh your asses off.

*brushes dirt off shoulders* Yes, I know, I know, I’m an under-appreciated genius who no one understands. What can I say? I’m ahead of my time.

I am quite happy with the developments today. I definitely feel like I’m heading in a real direction now. Hopefully I’ll hit 50k page views soon so I can hop on Final Draft and never look back!

Back to FDS for now. Let’s give this audience what they want!

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