BLOG: Early Morning

A/N: It’s come to my attention that it is not actually Monday. In my defense, I just had my weekend. Also, I have a job that makes me hate my life and apparently lose track of the days. Either way, I was productive. So there.

Musical Monday! I slept five whole hours and woke up at 6am to write. I have to work at 10am today (never again) and I refused to sacrifice my morning routine. I didn’t actually plan this. I thought I would wake up late and run out in a rush and be in a bad mood all day. Instead, here I am at 6:45 sitting at my laptop with my coffee and poptarts, listening to Movie Musicals Radio. That’s why they call me The Writer Extraordinaire. 😉

I am trying to bribe myself to be positive about work by shopping for a new trench coat. Obviously the Classic Burberry is the correct choice, but… ugh. It’s classic because everyone has one. It’s basic. I need something with a little more flare. Beige isn’t really included in my color palate. It’s bland and boring. I want to something that will make me stand out from the crowd.

I am budgeting for the coat, but I hate not knowing how much money is going to be on my paycheck. It’s so frustrating, especially when I’m used to taking home a large stack of cash and counting it out while listening to rap music. It’s a ritual. The ritual isn’t there. It’s not my favourite system I’ve ever encountered. Why am I doing half of the work but getting none of the cash? Something just isn’t right there.

Going through my screenplay portfolio. Very annoyed by the presence of Andrew permeating the pages. I have so much invested in this and yet I receive very little return on it. I have three major script outlines. Three! And this stupid asshole is changing into a slimy, glow-in-the-dark parasitic worm. Ugh!

It’s very annoying.

I have six major script outlines I could be working on. But no. I actually need to write one of these as I would like to apply to graduate school. The programs I am interested require a screenplay. But can I write one as long as this jerk is around? No. Instead he just hisses his lies into my ear late at night and leaves me hanging in the morning. I don’t want to hear that shit anymore. I’m over it. Maybe he doesn’t take this shit seriously, but I do. Writing is my entire life. I’ve spent a lot of time on his character. I expect to see real results.

I just want him to help me write the god damn screenplay! He works for me, dammit! I am the Boss! He will do as I say! Why can he not just do as I say?


I am especially irritated because two of my script projects actually came from Bloody Mary’s. There’s one where they’re all in the Byzantine Empire and one where they go to Belize. These are good ideas. The characters I created fit in perfectly. Everything was going well until all these jerks came along and interfered with it. I don’t understand why they don’t believe me when I say I am using their characters in a story? It’s not nefarious. It’s like drawing a sketch. They just don’t understand it. Well, allow me to just say everything you’ve seen with it so far was just me playing in a sandbox. I can and will do better than this.

I am currently making the effort to shift my focus to the screenwriting and articles. As I mentioned, I was way too exhausted on my days off to get anything done aside from laundry. I will just have to make sure I get things done before I go to work every day. It’s better to write in the morning and go to work in the evening. Knowing I have a set amount of time to work on writing might help me finish something. Might. I guess it depends on Andrew, now doesn’t it?

*glares at Andrew again*

Okay, I’ve still got an hour and a half (!!!) to write, so I am going to go write something else. Wish me luck dealing with Mr. Attention Whore over here. Ha ha ha. >:(

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