BLOG: Direction

Awake in the night. Cannot sleep. Everything is stressing me out. Writing is my only escape from this ridiculous world.

I’m feeling pretty good about the direction the writing is going in now that I’ve shed the dead end projects. I’m confident in the concept of my new blog project, even if I’m not so confident in digital marketing. I’m excited to finally work on a real screenplay.

I wish my situation was different. It turns out South Dakota just likes to throw people out on the street without giving reason or warning. They are just like that. It’s hard to have loyalty towards anything or anyone with the knowledge I have of this place. I can’t even guarantee I’ll still have a job next month. They could just get rid of me like that! Poof! Who’s to say I can’t just get up one day and completely disappear?

I’ve got a month to pack up my life. This time I’m getting rid of the furniture. Time to give up this dreary life out on the prairie and start all over again back East. I’m excited to be close to my extended family again. I’m excited for a real job market.

Most of all, I’m excited to be away from South Dakota so I can reflect on it nostalgically and write about the more interesting aspects of this state. It’s much easier to be positive about SD when I’m not actually here!

I am going to have to stop blogging like this soon. I’ll be bringing it back in a different form. I’m excited for the future, even though the present sucks. As I’ve learned after all these years, this too shall pass.

One year ago, I was in Paris. Here I am now on the other side. I feel confident in my ability to become a professional writer. Nothing can stop me now! I’ll never give up! I will become the Writer Extraordinaire!

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