BLOG: Darkest Timeline

2020 is the darkest timeline. I can’t handle it. The town has supposedly come back to life and I’ve more disinterested in it than I ever was before. In the past there was always something new to write about. Now it feels like I’ve seen and heard and done it all. I walk around and look in all the windows and just think to myself… I’m over it.

I gave into the urge to daydrink yesterday. It was not pleasant. I did, however, climb out onto my rooftop. I yell “I’m King of the World!” as I overlooked the town decked out in Mardi Gras beads. I don’t know if anyone saw or heard me but it was great to sit up there and look out over downtown. I have so many beautiful moments like this. They always make me temporarily forget how much I dislike other people.

I stayed up the whole night hating myself after and finally realized I never want to do that again. I decided to get my shit together and spent today watching HGTV while editing my resume on LinkedIn. I’m finally starting to understand LinkedIn. I feel like a real adult now.

Look at me. I’m starting a new bartending gig, getting my professional shiz together on LinkedIn, and carefully researching the Ex-Pat real estate market. I watched a show called Living Abroad that had an episode on Americans living in Paris. One of the guys they interviewed lived in the same neighborhood I did. His apartment was so close to My Parisian Dream Apartment. Let me tell you, I am ready to pay the big bucks for that! And by that I mean upwards of $1.5 million in cash. Better get on that famous writer money, LOL!

I still have no idea what is going on with The Drama in town. Something happened and there was some drama that somehow included me. I am not involved in it, of course. I’ve been sitting in my house rethinking my life. I know I haven’t been the greatest person in the past, but I really am trying to move forward with my life now. I’m sorry someone else decided to drag my name through the mud ONCE AGAIN to make their point.

Bloody Mary’s will always be a book to me, but dealing with these people in real life is a massive waste of my time. Yes, I wrote about what a bunch of assholes you are. I’m not sorry. Get over it already. The difference between us is that I know I’m an asshole. They pretend to be so innocent! Yeah. Right.

I have been an asshole in the past. It is most unfortunate. The sad part is, I am nothing compared to many people where I came from. Oh well. All we can do is continue to strive for a better future.

For now, I am focused on the future. Mostly enjoying the present. The weather is very lovely today. This is my favourite time of year in South Dakota. It’s hot but windy. It’s perfect. I’m going to go enjoy it more (sans alcohol, of course).

Starting my new job tomorrow! Yay! Wish me luck! 🙂

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