BLOG: Bullshit

Friday. Hungover. Spent most of the morning worshiping the porcelain god. Very unpleasant. Not sure why I do this to myself but it is what it is. At least I didn’t post anything on social media. That’s the important part.

Unfortunately, I got my wish for my night to become more interesting. Some rando who just got out of jail came over to my table and offered to buy me a drink. He then proceeded to mansplain to me how Donald Trump is going to save America. He LOVES Trump. Why? Because he has a seventh grade education. Literally. Donald Trump makes people like this think they are intelligent and that their opinions are valid, which is very unfortunate for numerous reasons.

One of those reasons is that this person knows absolutely goddamn nothing about history. How do I know this? Because he followed up his statements about Trump with a rant about how Moses freed the Egyptians from slavery and that’s what Trump is going to do for America. I calmly pointed out that Moses freed the JEWS from enslavement by the Egyptians and that’s why we celebrate Passover. He responded by telling me Jews did not exist 5000 years ago and I was wrong.






Actually, I’m not even a little bit wrong, but this guy definitely is. He continued to argue that Jews didn’t exist, Moses wasn’t Jewish, and it was actually the Egyptians who were enslaved. I don’t know how I managed not to punch this moron in the face as he was spouting off his insane Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. You’d think Alcohol + Anger = Asshole Getting Punched in the Face, but it didn’t happen. I just paid my tab, went into a different bar, and sat between two people I knew so I could get away from the guy. Unfortunately, one of those two people is also a hardcore Trump supporter (the rich kind, not the stupid kind) so really I didn’t escape anything at all. Clearly I felt alcohol was the only escape, which is why I just threw up again.

The whole thing pissed me off. I am so sick of people telling me my English/History major was useless (reality proves that it definitely wasn’t) and that sexism isn’t real and that Jews don’t exist and that black people are all just a bunch of whiny victims and all Natives do is sit on their asses and collect their checks. Why cling to these disgusting ideas when you can get an education and develop empathy instead? Why is that such a bad thing? I mean, this person has a seventh grade education. He just spent the last few years in jail. I completely fail to see how a jackass like this positively contributes to society in any way, shape, or form. Yet all of the decisions about this country are held in the hands of people like this and their stupid cult leader.

So angry. So ragey. This country is so fucked up. These people are fucked up. I literally cannot believe I am expected to treat people like this with dignity and respect. What a fucking racket.

Fuck this shit. I’m moving to France. They are also racist AF but at least they have affordable healthcare.

Speaking of healthcare, I have a date with a Bloody Mary, and I’m not talking about the bar. Maybe I’ll write more later when I’m not so pissed off and puking in the toilet every 10 minutes.

Alcohol is bad kids, mmmkay?

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