BLOG: Apartments

Sunday. My goal for the month is to slowly transition from habitually writing my stream of consciousness to writing about individual topics. Today I will be talking about the apartments I’ve lived in.

It’s the last week in my current apartment. I definitely feel like it’s time to go. Wow. What a crazy year it’s been since I got back from Paris. I don’t mean that in a good way at all, but at least I got to go to New Orleans! The one shining highlight in all of this. My trip to the Black Hills come in second place. Getting back in touch with my musical theatre side is third. See? I’m always trying to make things positive!

As far as apartments go, this one was a solid 5. It was nothing special. I didn’t paint the walls. It was very noisy. The landlords were dicks. No bathtub, dishwasher, or laundry. Not the best by far. But it was a cheap place to sleep and write while I got my shit together and it has a massive closet. Plus it was in my preferred neighborhood. Many sacrifices were made for the sake of my budget.

My favourite is still The Loft. You know, the one with the high ceilings and gorgeous periwinkle paint job in the bedroom and nice, big bathtub. The closets were weird and the kitchen sucked, but I created so much there. I am still sad that I gave it up.

The apartment I lived in last year was the worst. I hated that building. I had so many problems with it. The outdoor staircase was terrifying in the winter. It was mostly convenient for the parking space, which was nice because I was constantly leaving town.

My first post-college apartment was dearly beloved because I painted it all to make up for the lack of windows. I painted it yellow, turquoise, purple, and red. I had art all over the walls. It was also cheap and loud, but I felt like I went through a very artistic phase while living there. I feel like all the painting, drawing, and designing I did during that time helped me recover from the trauma I dealt with at the end of college.

Last but not least, of course, there were my apartments from college. One was in the big, white house downtown with all the guys. The other was campus-crossing with a balcony and one female roommate. I miss the balcony. I especially miss sitting on the balcony after work watching all the drunk crying people walk through the alleyway. 14/10.

I wonder what my next apartment will be like? Where will it be? It’s hard to say. Anything could happen. I will be staying with family for the short-term, obviously, but my next apartment remains a mystery. I’ve been paying dirt cheap prices in SD to save for travel. Tbh, $400-$500 for a 1-bedroom in a lively neighborhood is a great deal. That’s nothing. But now I will be re-locating where the rent is 2-3x that. I really have to think about what kind of value I want.

I haven’t had the best opinions here. The only times I ever had laundry and a dishwasher in my adult life were when I lived in “The White Castle” and when I rented my my studio in Paris. It had both and it was a tiny little room with a tiny little terrace that cost me roughly €1000 for the month.

At this point, I’m not afraid to up my budget in order to get the big three: laundry, dishwasher, and a bathtub. A balcony or outdoor space is preferable. Ideally said apartment is located in a “lively” neighborhood with cafes, shops, a movie theatre, and convenient access to public transportation. Ideally this neighborhood is located in Paris, of course. I am willing to settle for a list of other cities. New York isn’t my first choice, but it might just be the most convenient to start. DC is not on my list. I’d rather just hop a train for a brief nostalgia trip and then go back to work.

The truth is, no one knows what the future will bring. Personally, I believe in Hope and Change. Everything seems so dark right now, but I believe there is a brighter future ahead. For me, that brighter future includes a fabulous apartment, possibly several along the way.

If I was smart, I would include pictures with this post. Unfortunately, gathering them will take time and it is Sunday and I am lazy. However, it is possible to take this post and turn it into a real article later. That is the goal I am going for. Write about one subject every day without going off into a ramble and see how much is salvageable later.

Okay. Great plan. Let’s see if I can keep it up.

P.S. Why yes, I AM available to write scripts for HGTV. Have your people call my people.

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