BLOG: Niche-Seeking

Home from work. Everything is going well so far. I like the fact that I can wear a skirt to work. This is especially awesome when I’m working outside and it’s ridiculously hot. In fact, my new manager liked my skirt so much, she took a picture to show the staff! She said it looked very professional. What can I say? I am a professional model. 😉

Currently scrolling through Reddit looking for examples of good news writing. I passed multiple articles about statues being torn down (100% agree with) and I passed one about King Leopard II! OMG, FUCK THAT GUY! He caused SO many problems in that part of Africa. Millions of innocent people over multiple generations have been murdered because of him. I have no idea why ANYONE would a put a statue of him up ANYWHERE! Thank god it’s gone.

So as you can see, my History Major self is relating more to the historical aspect of the protests. I did allude to this when I wrote about my trip to South Central LA. I mentioned that we visited the site of the Rodney King riots. Learning about the history behind these acts of protests is interesting to me. It seems like historical issues would be a better focus in the future for any potential articles.

The obvious fix is the Opinion pieces. There are multiple problems with them, as I have learned from my J-Course. First, I shouldn’t be inserting my opinion into anything. Second, if I do write an Opinion piece, I must first establish myself as an expert in said subject of Opinion. That can only be achieved by writing the articles first. So, there you have it! The first way didn’t work so I’m trying another. That’s how writing works.

See, people? Writing is a process. It takes time. We don’t get it right the first 80,000 times. That doesn’t mean we are bad people.

Back to reading now. Let’s see what else I can find!

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