About Me

Betsey Horton was born and raised in the suburbs outside of Washington, D.C. She moved to South Dakota at age 21, forever changing the course of her life. She has based herself there for over a decade due to its central location in US, the cheap cost of living, and the lack of income tax. She has traveled all over the United States by train, plane, and automobile, and overseas to France, England, and Costa Rica. Her greatest dream is to live in Paris.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, History, and French from the University of South Dakota. She attended the Paris Writing Workshop in 2019. Betsey has been blogging and self-publishing her personal creative works online since 2002. She has been published in The Volante, the award-winning student newspaper for the University of South Dakota. You can find a list of other places she has been mentioned here.

She is famous in the small town where she sometimes resides due to her “controversial” series of short stories known as “Bloody Mary’s,” which focuses on her misadventures at her favourite bar. She has since been Banned For Life from said bar because some people in small towns in the middle of nowhere truly have nothing better to do with their time than throw temper tantrums over other people’s memoirs. It is what it is, which, tbh, is actually kind of hilarious.

Betsey is now available for hire for the list of services found here. She is currently working on developing a new blog focused on the “Writer’s Lifestyle,” building her freelance career, and editing “Bloody Mary’s” for publication. In the future, she plans to write a series of romance novels, get an MFA in Screenwriting, and travel the world as a “digital nomad.”

She can be reached by email at WriterExtraordinaireBlog@gmail.com since she is still losing her ongoing fight with WordPress to set up a contact page. You can also follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.