BLOG: Wildlife Watch

Here I am in sunny Florida. I've always wanted to see Florida. Mostly for the wildlife, but also because it is a magical mystery wonderland full of strange and ridiculous individuals. We are here because the family I am staying with had to come check on their house after 6... Read More

BLOG: Where Was I?

Friday morning. So begins the #TakeBackTheMorning campaign. As I previously mentioned, insomnia has legitimately been a lifelong problem for me. I had solved this problem for with medicinal marijuana, but I currently have no access to it. Thus, the problem is back with a vengeance. I decided to set my... Read More

BLOG: I Need This Blog

So I quit writing this blog, right? Well, it turns out I need to do it every day or else I turn into a lazy, depressed couch potato with nowhere to put my extra thoughts. Therefore, they just float around in my brain taking up space so I can't get... Read More